That Small Space

18 March, 2019 at 14:12

A recent addition to the north wall of Gallery 1, this one spent a long gestation as a page from a non-existent graphic novel. There was no narrative, just several lunges at atmosphere, and a few cryptic sentences like ” the stinkhorn speaks ” and ” it begins again “. Eventually sanity prevailed, and I decided to move on up to other possibilities. That move, and the adjustments that followed, opened a new door. The vertical fault line, a survivor of the previous graphic novel incarnation, reminded me of a lovely idea that I came across some years ago in a “lexicon” novel by Milorad Pavic called Dictionary of the Khazars. It was the male edition of the book, the female edition being almost identical, but with one crucially different paragraph. I couldn’t find the sequence when I searched for it, and I’ve probably got the days of the week wrong, but the idea is poetic, and I’ve borrowed it with gratitude.