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Suba CD Cover

It all began with a memorial piece by Chrissie Murray in the November 2000 Jazzwise magazine. I had never heard of Suba but this piece alerted me .There were plaudits from Mike Chadwick and Charlie Gillett and the implications of Brazilian electronica intrigued me…so,….of course….I had to buy the record.

It all started with the music. It was everything I wanted Music to be in 2000, there to be enjoyed…and that’s it.only, that wasn’t it…not by a loooooong way. Early in 2003 I had an e-mail from Vesna Kacanski from The Cultural Centre, Novi Sad, (where?), Serbia, the Former Yugoslavia. Vesna was the organiser of their annual Jazz Festival and had come across my website JazzFolio and was asking if I would like to exhibit the drawings in Novi Sad. It seemed strange to me then, a mysterious corner of Eastern Europe, known to me only through the news coverage. Of the not-too-distant war, and I must admit I was tempted to make some excuse and say no. It seemed a long way to go for very little. Thank God I decided to go, because it certainly was the start of something big….very big….

Only when I got there did I discover that Novi Sad was Suba’s hometown.

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