And Another Thing

14 January, 2019 at 10:28

Another Monday, another masterpiece, this one boasting a new level of collage and objet trouve. Step One; I scan a piece of stained cardboard, and set out to embellish it. Pleased with my efforts, I send it to Ginger The Art of Print, and, true to form, they print it. Once in the hand, it becomes clear it is too small to make its point strongly enough. Not only that, it is overcrowded.  Back to the drawing board for Step Two; A roll of drums. Enlarge the first version, delete what had become the unnecessary details, and reconsider. Mmmmmm. Leave it overnight and examine in the clear light of a new day, which brings a brand new and rather novel idea. Find a recent scan of evaporated balsamic vinegar, slap a filter or two on it, isolate a detail, and paste it on the overnight version. And here it is. See if you can spot which bit is cardboard, and which vinegar.